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Advertise on CoverWire.com

Reach our mailing list of 2 million sports and gaming enthusiasts!

CoverWire.com features the Web's top gaming information for baseball, football, hockey, basketball, college football and college basketball.

CoverWire.com is produced from the same management, editorial and technology team that made RotoNews.com & RotoWire.com the leading brand for fantasy news on the Web. This team has now turned their attention to sports gaming information to provide bettors with all the info they need to make educated bets.

CoverWire.com reaches 30,000 unique visitors and produces 300,000 page views each month. CoverWire also has a subscriber list of 2 million users.

With the innovative product offerings and strong gaming news, the site has a captive audience with strong loyalty to the organization and its sponsors. The site's readers are young, educated, wealthy and web-savvy men.

CoverWire's viewer profile is:

97.9% male
82% are 25-54 years old (31 average age)
77.4% college educated
$68,000 average annual household income
76% say they are fans of MLB & NFL
3 in 4 visit site daily
47.9% have purchased a product online

We would be happy to put together a package of banner ads, email advertising and page sponsorships that will be very competitive to any other fantasy sports or male-targeted site.

Please contact

Michael Romanowski
Ad Sales Director
Phone: (310) 883-3189
Email: miker@rotowire.com

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