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How to Maximize the CoverWire System

Most "how to" books and papers on sports betting will tell you to use the same unit amount on every bet. This makes sense and is usually correct because it is very hard to judge which games you have a higher chance of winning. But if you use the CoverWire system then you can scale your bets and maximize your winnings. Anyone who has ever read about counting cards in blackjack knows about scaling bets. When the count is high, you bet more money. This type of betting strategy can also be used with our system. We predict the outcome of every game and because we do this we can tell which games have a better chance of winning than others. Let's start by taking a look at our winning percentage by Line Diff*.

Line Diff Win %
8 and up 59.8%
6 to 8 54.9%
4.5 to 5.5 46.2%
0 to 4 48.6%

It has become clear that as the Line Diff rises, so does the winning percentage of the pick. Using this knowledge you can scale your bets accordingly to maximize your winnings. We would recommend that you use the following scale:

Line Diff Wager
6 1 Unit
6.5 1 Unit
7 1 Unit
7.5 2 Units
8 and up 3 Units

Using this betting scale with our system would have almost doubled the amount won using a one unit system. We would like to point out that your unit bet should not exceed 2% to 4% of your bankroll. Anything higher will put you at risk of losing your bankroll during down turns. Please, never risk more money than you are willing to lose.

Questions? Comments? Send me an email at computerguy@coverwire.com

*Line Diff is calcualted by this formula: [(home line) - (predicted visit score - predicted home score)]

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