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Moneyline Bets from the CoverWire System

The staff here at CoverWire spent last summer crunching the numbers in order to find a way to bet the moneyline in conjunction with our predicted scores. We are happy to say that our efforts did not go wasted. We've tested and retested our theories and are ready to start letting you in on our picks.

Opportunities to bet the moneyline do not come up as often as ATS bets and would probably be best served as a supplement to using our game predictions to bet ATS. You should expect about twelve to fourteen games a month to pop up on our radar.

Analyzing the data from past seasons, we have found that the formula works much better during the first few months than the last few months. Based on this knew knowledge, we are recommending these moneyline picks only until the end of January.

Click here to view past moneyline picks

Today's Picks

There are no moneyline picks for today, please check back tomorrow.

Questions? Comments? Send me an email at computerguy@coverwire.com

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