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CoverWire Prediction Results

At CoverWire we are committed to bringing you the most researched and detailed analysis and results. We want to make sure that you feel confident in us. That's why we keep detailed records of all of our picks as well as bring you analysis of the results. We feel it helps everyone become a more educated bettor.

2002-03 ATS Results
Every Game: 52.2% ATS (444-407)
CoverWire Best Bets: 57.9% ATS (99-72)

2002-03 Predicted Non-ATS Winners
Every Game: 64.3% (578-321)
Predicted 5+ point winners: 77.8%

2002-03 Game by Game Data
Win Pct by Line Diff for 2002-03

2003-04 ATS Results
Every Game: 48.0 (482 - 523)
CoverWire Best Bets: 55.0 (121 - 99)

2003-04 Predicted Non-ATS Winners
Every Game: 62.6 (685 - 409)
Predicted 5+ point winners: 74.1% (355 - 124)

2003-04 Game by Game Data
Win Pct by Line Diff for 2003-04

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