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NBA Scores and Schedule
3/16/2017 3/17/2017 3/18/2017 3/19/2017 3/20/2017
Pred. indicates the computer generated score based on team season statistics and home court advantage. No injury or team personnel data is taken into account when calculating scores.
Line Diff shows the difference between the line and the computer generated outcome as calculated by [(home line) - (predicted visit score - predicted home score)]. The farther this number from zero, the stronger the pick.
The team in bold is the computer choice against the spread. A green dot indicates a CoverWire best bet.
2005-06 Season:
ATS ALL GAMES (W-L-P): 370 - 394 - 20
ATS Best Bets (line diff +/-6): 86 - 88 - 7

Predicted scores are posted at 5:00 AM EST each day.
2004-05 Data
2003-04 Data
2002-03 Data
Win Pct by Line Diff for 2002-03
Win Pct by Line Diff for 2003-04

Coverwire.com uses a tested computer analysis of each game to predict a final score. By comparing that predicted final score with the line you can determine which teams have a better chance to cover. Click here to read about how you can use this method to win.

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