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2018 Foreign/Non-MLB Baseball Cheat Sheet

RotoWire's fantasy baseball rankings for non-MLB leagues.

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The following cheat sheets are a general fantasy ranking of players who are not under the contract of any MLB club and over the age of 18 (ie. not players who would be selected by MLB teams in the annual draft or signed in countries where MLB has relations like the Dominican Republic).

Players are ranked on long-term value for a MLB team, so it leans more toward being a keeper-type cheat sheet.

The first listing is of the top players in the world, regardless of their likelihood of coming to MLB any time soon. The second list ranks the top players who may come to MLB when eligible (usually through the posting system from Japan).

Have feedback? Please contact Peter Schoenke. Note: Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker contributed heavily to these rankings.

Top Overall Non-MLB/Foreign Players

This list is focused more on those under 30 or so who have skills that make them top MLB prospects.

1. Shohei Ohtani  P

2. Shintaro Fujinami  P

3. Tetsuto Yamada  OF

Top Players Likely to Come to MLB Soon

This list focuses on players most likely to sign with a MLB team in the next three years.

1. Shohei Ohtani  P

2. Shintaro Fujinami  P

3. Tetsuto Yamada  OF

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The three players you see listed at each position above are just a sample of our complete 2018 cheat sheet of promising players outside the MLB system.

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